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Experienced Dog Trainer

Schedule: Part Time (Transitioning to Full Time) – Includes Weekend & Evening Shifts

Location : Ramona, CA

Beckman’s Dog Training is a growing business in need of an experienced dog trainer to join our team of dynamic individuals to work at our training facility in Ramona, to teach group classes around San Diego county–with a majority of the classes being in Ramona, and to perform private training sessions around San Diego.

Joel Beckman, the owner of Beckman’s Dog Training, has developed a unique dog training program that’s derived from his diverse education, training, and employment. With a deep and profound love for dogs, and more than five years of killer whale training experience, Joel decided to bring his knowledge and expertise to dog training. Joel is the most knowledgeable and skilled animal training professional in the San Diego area. He is an expert on animal aggression and has a passion for animal training.

Beckman’s Dog Training is looking for an experienced dog trainer, especially one who has taught group classes. You will receive additional training as an employee on our specific methods for working at the training facility and for group classes.

The job is three-fold, and the responsibilities for each are:

1) Working at the Beckman’s Facility in Ramona which includes:

  • Having a professional, positive, hard working attitude
  • Assisting in the cleaning and maintenance of the facility
  • Overseeing and incorporating training into group playtimes
  • Executing the training plan for Board and Train Clients with daily training sessions and walks
  • Ensuring the dogs receive the highest quality of care, including feeding and baths
  • Able to self-manage your time and work effectively
  • Picking up and dropping off dog clients in your own vehicle

2) Teaching Group Classes around San Diego county includes:

  • Providing superior customer service to all our clients
  • Helping to build and maintain relationships with our partners at Camp-Run-a-Mutt
  • Mastering the Beckman’s Group Class curriculum
  • Having an ability to expertly answer all dog training questions
  • Being a fun and engaging trainer who helps create a sense of community within each group class
  • Effectively communicating to clients while maintaining control of the dogs in the class
  • Responsible for the safety of the owners as well as the dogs in class
  • Promoting Beckman’s training services
  • Managing time class effectively

3) Performing Private Training Sessions around San Diego county includes:

  • Having your own vehicle and the ability to drive anywhere in San Diego for a private training sessions
  • Ability to work regular but varying hours at the times when clients would most need training help (some weekdays, some weeknights)
  • Providing superior customer service and communication with all our clients
  • Having an ability to expertly answer all dog training questions
  • Willing to work with a team to research and practice the most effective and humane dog training techniques
  • Being confident around all dogs and working independently with clients to problem-solve training needs
  • Being safety conscious at all times and taking proactive safety measures to keep yourself and the dogs you work with safe
  • Promoting Beckman’s training services


Trainers are paid hourly for shifts at the Beckman’s Facility at a rate determined by experience and education. Additional income is earned as a percentage of the number of group class clients you teach and the private training sessions you perform around San Diego County.


The ideal Dog Trainer candidate will have:

  • Previous experience working with dogs (preferably 3+ years)
  • Previous experience teaching positive reinforcement dog training techniques in group or class settings (preferably 1+ years)
  • Some formal education pertaining to animals + dog training (psychology or behavior courses, a dog training academy or course, Moorepark College) is a plus
  • Experience with exotic animals is a plus, but not necessary
  • The ability to work a flexible schedule during weekdays, evenings, weekends, and holidays

If you are interested in applying for this position, please reply to this post with your resume and a cover letter.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $18,000.00 to $50,000.00 /year

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $18,000.00 to $50,000.00 /year


  • Dog Training: 3 years (Preferred)