Joel Beckman has been working with aggressive animals his whole professional life. He understands the causes and solutions to deal with it. Not to say it’s going to be easy however. Aggressions can be due to many factors including: genetics, early life lack of socialization, owner error, etc.

Our system at Beckman’s dog training to deal with aggression is a thorough one. We usually start with a 1 hour session at our Ramona facility and do a controlled interaction with Joel and Bosco, then maybe allow interactions with other dogs on or off muzzle. During the session Joel will be explaining exactly what is going on why your dog is doing what he is doing. After the session you will be given a recommendation about training which may involve board and train, private training, classes or a combination.

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Feisty Fido Privates


Feisty Fido privates are the recommended starting point for reactive dogs. Joel is an expert at reading dog body language and assessing aggression–this is the Beckman’s specialty. Over the years Joel has created a one-of-a-kind system to rehabilitate dogs using our team of Helper Dogs and during a Feisty Fido private session you will receive an assessment and a training plan. Our goal is to provide you expert help, knowledge, and care, and to get your dog with other dogs.

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