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We offer many training programs to fit your busy life. Scroll through the programs listed below to review what you might be interested in, and then feel free to call or email Joel to decide together what programs work best!

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Feisty Fido

Our Feisty Fido programs are geared for dogs that need one-on-on or small group attention to address mild to severe reactivity (people & dog aggression, barking & lunging on leash, etc.). Our mission is to provide the personalized training needed to get all dogs into regular private sessions & group classes.

For all Feisty Fido problems we start with a Private Session at our Ramona Facility. It’s a safety thing, but it’s also a better route for training–even if you’re having problems in your home. When we get your dogs out here first we are able to truly vet them for other reactivities and see the dog’s behavior at face value in a neutral environment. Often there are underlying reasons for why your dog is reacting that we will see out here in a controlled environment where we can force lots of dog and people meetings. This also gives us a baseline to work off of and builds rapport between your dog and our trainer so when they go into the home (or a different problem area) with you the trainer has that baseline to work off of and is more comfortable taking the risks that need to be taken to advance training .


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Board and Train

The process will start by us meeting you and your dog to see if the Board & Train Program is a good fit for everyone. Your dog will be assessed with our own dog Bosco and possibly other well-trained dogs. If we decide to move forward, your dog’s typical days will include:

  • – Multiple training sessions to work on sit, down, stay, go to your bed, loose leash walking, recall and any other problem behaviors we discuss
  • – Multiple playtimes in the pool and pasture with one of our skilled trainers
  • – A skilled trainer leading all interactions and constantly training your dog to be a confident and well-behaved dog
  • – Upon pick up, your dog will be bathed with clean bedding
  • – We will incorporate your dog into our private training sessions so they can meet and pass new dogs almost everyday
  • – Your dog will stay in a comfortable room, possibly with other dogs, but they don’t spend a lot of time in their rooms because they are busy training and playing
  • – Upon completion of the Board & Train you will receive videos of all of your dog’s behavior, instructions on what to do at home.



This program is recommended for owners that want their dogs to learn sit, stay, down, bed, loose leash walking and Recall (come) and other unwanted behaviors like jumping, barking, etc, and want their dogs to get a lot of play and socialization in a safe controlled environment.


Everything included in the Adventure Package but due to the extra week we can add Distance, Distraction and Duration to all behaviors. The extra week also is best for nervous or reactive dogs.

All 3-Week Signature Board and Train programs include:


All board and trains are then allowed to do follow up board and train in the future.



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Follow-Up Board and Train: $80 per day

When you dog comes back to board with us, you can upgrade to Follow-Up Board and train. We do multiple sessions each day focusing on the areas your dog still needs help. You can do the follow-up Board and train for any length of time.

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Private Training at
Our Ramona Facility


Whether it’s a part of a larger training program that includes board and train or group classes, private training at our facility is usually where we will start. Whether it’s for a consultation or a 1-2 hour session, private training is the first step in the process to having a social and well-behaved dog. You will come to our Ramona facility where we will sit down and come up with a training plan. You and your dog will be trained in a fun and safe environment. We usually start with a playtime with other dogs in the pasture then move to the pool. After that, we will get into working on behaviors such as sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, passing dogs nicely, and recall, etc.

Private Training in Your Home


Sometimes you just want a trainer to come to you, and certain behaviors are best addressed in the home, like separation anxiety, certain types of barking, potty training, etc. Aggression needs to be talked about with one of our trainers before anyone comes to your home and to figure out which option is best. Joel Beckman can also come to your home, availability is limited.

Online Private Sessions


Online private sessions help those who live too far away to meet with our team in-person, or those who simply need a behavior assessment or help building a training plan. Set up a video session with one of our expert trainers to ask questions, show us problem behaviors, seek advice, and get help.

Yard training at Camp
Run a Mutt Kearney Mesa

$75 per hour – 2 dog minimum

Joel has a long history with Camp Run A Mutt. Joel and Liz walked into the original Camp in Mission Hills when it was still a garage and the guys were working day and night to make it into the beautiful facility that it is today. Now there are 7 locations all over the country. Joel realizes there are sometimes unique challenges to training in the yard at camp. One of our trainers will go into the yard and work with your dog and staff to correct any issues they are having.

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Group classes are a big part of what we do at Beckman’s dog training and are often the beginning of the training process or the finishing touches after you complete the board and train program.

We offer group classes to help you and your dog through every stage of life.

See Classes page for more details.

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