The Trainers

Joel Beckman is the leader in the dog training industry partly due to what he learned training marine mammals and other exotics. So he has hired and personally trained a staff that also has this unique experience and perspective. No other dog training team in the county has the experience of the Beckman’s Dog Training team. Guaranteed!

Joel Beckman

While receiving an exotic animal education and training degree from Moorpark College, Joel Beckman devoted several years to training, caring for and performing with big cats, monkeys, camels, birds and many other exotics. At this one of a kind animal program Joel learned about conservation, educating the public, veterinary practices, proper cleaning procedures, animal ethics, entertainment and of course animal training. This experience led to Joel’s next position as a Killer Whale trainer at a world famous theme park in San Diego, California. This job not only allowed Joel to train and perform with Killer Whales, but it’s also where Joel met the love of his life. Joel uses positive reinforcement training. This is the preferred method for most marine mammal trainers, big cat trainers, therapy dog trainers, agility trainers, search and rescue trainers and many other animal training professionals.

Joel Beckman has developed a one of a kind unique dog training program that’s derived from his diverse education, training and employment. With a deep profound love for dogs, and more than five years of Killer Whale training experience, Joel decided to bring his knowledge and expertise to training dogs. Joel is the most knowledgeable and skilled animal training professional in the San Diego area. He is an expert on animal aggression and has a deep passion for animal training.

Liz Beckman

Growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania, Liz Beckman began a love for animals that has guided her life and grown into her passion of training dogs to reach their true potential. Liz feels truly blessed to have realized one of her lifetime dreams when she had the honor of training and performing with killer whales, dolphins and pilot whales for 10 years. Liz feels so fortunate that she and her husband Joel shared such a rare opportunity training killer whales and she enjoys that they continue to work side by side along with their talented team of dog trainers. Liz would share with you that, “We consider it a privilege to care for such special members of your family and we really value the close relationship we’ve developed with many of our clients since bringing our skills to the dog training community in 2007.

Corwin Cheng

Corwin is the head trainer at Beckman’s Dog Training board and train facility, and has worked for Beckman’s Dog Training since 2011. He grew up in Canada and received his Zoology degree at the University of Alberta before going to Moorpark College, where he received his associate’s degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management. Corwin has experience training a wide variety of animals, including parrots, baboons, foxes, cougars, and many different types of hoof stock animals. Corwin enjoys teaching dog’s new behaviors and helping owners build a positive relationship with their dogs.

Alyssa Howland

Alyssa was raised in San Diego before earning her Biology degree at UC Davis, emphasizing in Neurobiology Physiology and Behavior and studying animal behavior. She has experience working with animals of all shapes and sizes from hamsters to horses, and worked as a trainer at the California Raptor Center handling, rehabilitating, and training birds of prey. Alyssa partnered with the ASPCA to foster, train, and rehabilitate dogs and is passionate about caring for and training your dogs. She works at Beckman’s Dog Training facility two days a week and is responsible for training the board and train dogs, social media and newsletters.

Andrea Stewart

Andrea Stewart joined with 5+ years of animal training, specializing in dogs. Andrea truly enjoys training dogs of all ages and breeds. She is a certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the American Kennel Club and enjoys preparing dogs for a life of therapy work. Over the years, Andrea has trained thousands of dogs in large groups and private settings. Andrea enjoys finding ways to highlight specific and special individual talents of the dogs she trains, as they vary so much with each dog. Andrea spends some of her free time volunteering at a variety of rescue and adoption events and organizations.

Krystin Withers

Krystin was born and raised in southern California but loves to travel and experience other cultures, traditions, and foods! Krystin was in the United States Navy for four years, is finishing up her MBA, and is excited to focus on her life-long passion: dog training! Her knowledge and love for dogs stems from raising and training Siberian Huskies. She has studied and been around many breeds and loves to bring out the best in each one. Krystin has been certified as a professional dog trainer through Beckman’s Academy for Dog Trainers.


Bosco Beckman has been with us for nine years. He enjoys playing with and training all of the other dogs. His main job is to help Joel and the staff with fearful and reactive dogs. He takes his job seriously and loves it. He goes everywhere with Joel when weather permits. Bosco has worked with thousands of dogs and knows how to make even the most fearful dog feel at home. Beckman’s Dog Training wouldn’t be the same company without him. We are very blessed to have him as a part of our team.

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