The Programs

We offer many training programs to fit your busy life. Review the options below and try to have an idea of what you are interested in. Then call or email Joel to decide together what programs work best!

Board and Train Program

The process will start by us meeting you and your dog to see if the Board & Train Program is a good fit for everyone. Your dog will be assessed with our own dog Bosco and possibly other well-trained dogs. If we decide to move forward, your dog’s typical days will include:

  • – Multiple training sessions to work on sit, down, stay, go to your bed, loose leash walking, recall and any other problem behaviors we discuss
  • – We will often take your dog to the park, Starbucks or Kahoots Pet Store as well
  • – Multiple playtimes in the pool and pasture with one of our skilled trainers
  • – A skilled trainer leading all interactions and constantly training your dog to be a confident and well-behaved dog
  • – Upon pick up, your dog will be bathed with clean bedding
  • – We will incorporate your dog into our private training sessions so they can meet and pass new dogs almost everyday
  • – Your dog will stay in a comfortable room, possibly with other dogs, but they don’t spend a lot of time in their rooms because they are busy training and playing
  • – Upon completion of the Board & Train you will receive videos of all of your dog’s behavior, instructions on what to do at home, free follow up sessions at our facility, and discounted group classes for the life of your dog, In-home sessions at a discount and the ability to board with us in the future.

Private Training at
Our Ramona Facility

Whether it’s a part of a larger training program that includes board and train or group classes, private training at our facility is usually where we will start. Whether it’s for a consultation or a 1-2 hour session, private training is the first step in the process to having a social and well-behaved dog. You will come to our Ramona facility where we will sit down and come up with a training plan. You and your dog will be trained in a fun and safe environment. We usually start with a playtime with other dogs in the pasture then move to the pool. After that, we will get into working on behaviors such as sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, passing dogs nicely, and recall, etc.

Private Training in Your Home

Sometimes you just want a trainer to come to you, and certain behaviors are best addressed in the home, like separation anxiety, certain types of barking, potty training, etc. Aggression needs to be talked about with one of our trainers before anyone comes to your home and to figure out which option is best. Joel Beckman can also come to your home, availability is limited.


Group classes are a big part of what we do at Beckman’s dog training. We have wonderful partners and are able to offer classes all over SD country and even into LA and Riverside County. Group classes are often the beginning of the training process or the finishing touches after you complete the board and train program. All of our trainers who teach classes also work at the Ramona facility, so your dog will have a trainer that they know and consistent cues and training philosophy.

We offer puppy classes for dogs 10-20 weeks old at our main class location at Escondido Kahoots pet store. We also offer basic Manners classes at all of our locations. See Classes page for more details.

Yard training at Camp
Run a Mutt Kearney Mesa

Joel has a long history with Camp Run A Mutt. Joel and Liz walked into the original Camp in Mission Hills when it was still a garage and the guys were working day and night to make it into the beautiful facility that it is today. Now there are 7 locations all over the country. Joel realizes there are sometimes unique challenges to training in the yard at camp. Joel will go into the yard and work with your dog and staff to correct any issues they are having.

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